If you’re offered a parachute jump, maybe you’re not quite ready to slip through the side door of a perfectly functioning plane and launch yourself into the void harnessed to a laughing skydiver and far too tanned to be honest!

AirXp breathes new life into the world of gift boxes! The concept is new in the first place because AirXP is a specialist in aeronautics. The “boxes” of all kinds indeed offer very diverse and varied experiences… At AirXP, there are only some for aeronautics enthusiasts… if you want to offer a gift offering 1000 activities ranging from bungee jumping from rollerblading to picking strawberries in an Alsatian field, go your way! Here there are only activities in things that fly. And as it is a specialist, AirXP carefully selects its service providers…flight hours, experience, quality of the machine…everything is analyzed in order to offer only the healthiest experiences…impossible to find yourself in flight on occasion of his maiden flight with a pilot whose patent ink has not yet finished drying! It’s quite reassuring!

AirXP is also renewing by offering a choice to box recipients: its “aero” product shop. indeed, if you are offered a parachute jump, perhaps you are not quite psychologically ready to pass the side door of a plane in perfect working order and to launch yourself into the void harnessed to a parachutist laughing and way too tanned to be honest! In this case, there is no need to try to make those around you forget that you have stored your gift card under a pile of old tax returns at the bottom of the second drawer on the right of the cupboard inherited from Aunt Jeanne! Just go to the AirXP site and choose a gift that will make you really happy…watch, model, sunglasses etc…

Finally, AirXP also offers to create pots to regroup in order to finance a gift. No need to go through a specialized platform! You create the kitty by designating its beneficiary (you can also create it for yourself even if you are tired of receiving clothes on each of your birthdays that would have hypothetically been your size a short decade ago)… and you invite all your friends to participate! The kitty thus gathered will be transformed indifferently into aerial experience or products from the shop! You can even get the money back at any time if you prefer (although with 2% less fees).

The AirXp boxes can be found by clicking here

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