Concorde Airspeed Black or Silver watches

Very limited edition watches in homage to the Concorde

A little kerozene certainly flows through Agnès-Patrice Crépin’s veins! After making her reputation thanks to her furniture made from airplane parts, inventing the bracelets of the Mach series which adorn the wrists of many pilots, this singular artist tackled the creation of a watch directly inspired of the first supersonic airliner.
The horns of the case are inspired by the engines of the “beautiful bird” while the case reproduces the “signature” instrument of Concorde: its speedometer. The hour hand in orange and black checkerboard is a copy of the one that fitted the cockpit of the only plane able to date to put New York at 3:30 from Paris.
Two series of 50 numbered copies are marketed: Black edition or Silver edition.
Like the big aero watches, the movement is an ETA Valjoux 7754 GMT automatic.
Diameter: 46 mm – Height 15 mm
4 hands: Hour, minute, seconds and a second time zone
Water resistant to 10 bar
Silicone strap, double stainless steel.

Cherry on the cake ! A part of the Concorde is integrated into each of the watches! this is authenticated by an identification plate on the side of each box!

Beauty and rarity have a price: €5,900 to afford perfection!

The n°6 out of 50 in black edition is available here

Number 44 of 50 in Silver edition is available here

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