Gift ideas for aviation enthusiasts…for less than €30!

Do you want to please an airplane or helicopter enthusiast? Browse our gift ideas at low prices for maximum pleasure!


Aviation gifts under €30

Key holder

The key ring is a safe haven gift for aviation enthusiasts. There are metal key rings reproducing a civil aircraft engine or the very popular embroidered key rings of the “safety pin” type:

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The stickers

Another easy way to please the fan of planes, skydiving, helicopters or anything that flies! The enthusiast loves to display the object of his thoughts wherever he can! Small price…maximum pleasure for the computer, the car, the office window…

There’s something for everyone!…including fans of unidentified flying objects!

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A t-shirt!…simply

Show your passion? The aviation lover loves it! The t-shirts are in season and there is really something to please everyone. Various colors, civil or military aircraft, AirXP exclusives!

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For the summer…the cap!

When you spend part of your time with your nose in the air, attracted by the slightest noise that lets you think that a flying machine is approaching…You have to think about protecting yourself!

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A bag that aviation fans love

For less than 30 € a bag will be very useful and allows you to stay in contact with aviation while remaining sober and elegant!

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