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Twilight flight

A very special flight! It was the end of the day in a squadron in[...]

Gift ideas for aviation enthusiasts…for less than €30!

Do you want to please an airplane or helicopter enthusiast? Browse our gift ideas at[...]

The day the Air Force lost 6 Mystery IVs

It takes place in March 1966… …within the 2/8 “Nice” Fighter Squadron in charge of[...]

The Neu-Neu or Normandy-Niemen Hunting Regiment

When a French air unit is given a name different from the regulatory “Fighting Squadron”,[...]

Concorde Airspeed Black or Silver watches

Very limited edition watches in homage to the Concorde A little kerozene certainly flows through[...]


If you’re offered a parachute jump, maybe you’re not quite ready to slip through the[...]

Story of an ace: Ira “IKE” KEPFORD

LT Ira “IKE” KEPFORD When we talk about the aces of the Second World War,[...]

Flight on DC4 etched in my memory

About the author : I met Jerome Laval at the School of Hunting in Tours[...]

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