Gift ideas for aviation enthusiasts…for less than €30!

Do you want to please an airplane or helicopter enthusiast? Browse our gift ideas at low prices for maximum pleasure! **** Aviation gifts under €30 Key holder The key ring is a safe haven gift for aviation enthusiasts. There are metal key rings reproducing a civil aircraft engine or the very popular embroidered key rings[…]

The day the Air Force lost 6 Mystery IVs

It takes place in March 1966… …within the 2/8 “Nice” Fighter Squadron in charge of transforming young pilots out of the Fighter School in order to make them fighter pilot team members. Here, there is no longer any question of students and instructors… there are only leaders and team members! The young pilots are released[…]

Concorde Airspeed Black or Silver watches

Very limited edition watches in homage to the Concorde A little kerozene certainly flows through Agnès-Patrice Crépin’s veins! After making her reputation thanks to her furniture made from airplane parts, inventing the bracelets of the Mach series which adorn the wrists of many pilots, this singular artist tackled the creation of a watch directly inspired[…]